Kerry Sissins

Kerry has been practising Chiropractic for 30 years. A graduate of Phillip Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Australia, she has divided her career between the UK and Australia.

She has always had a “why” approach to her care, which has led her to continue Post Graduate Education in her ongoing quest to understand more fully the wonder that is the human body.

She is one of only a handful of UK Chiropractors to have successfully completed her D.A.C.N.B. – a unique qualification in Functional Neurology. She was also the first UK Chiropractor to become certified in the SD Protocol – allowing her to provide relief to a rapidly expanding percentage of the population and put them on a different health outcome path.

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She has always been involved in sport and has served as Team Chiropractor for a variety of teams over the years – including Australia Ice Hockey and Team GB Softball – where her role was not only in treatment but also in the field of performance enhancement and injury prevention. Skills she is increasingly called upon to use as the Mother of 3 very active boys!

“Chiropractic is a way of life for me and my family: I firmly believe it is one of the single biggest things we can do to help keep us working well. It is not a panacea but it can unlock human potential and I am constantly in awe of how remarkable human beings are and how beautifully orchestrated everything is. Yet we never give it a second thought. We just expect it to keep giving and doing……”

Mathew Cowburn

Mathew R Cowburn is an Australian chiropractor who graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne in 1999. He has enjoyed sharing his passion for chiropractic and health with people of all ages. From pregnant mothers, babies to the elderly he has worked to optimise ones ability to connect their physical health with lifestyle and proper spinal function to get the best out of their bodies and maximise their quality of life. Through his experience he has witnessed some amazing results in assisting people transform there structure and function and is always amazed by the remarkable potential for the body to heal when the body is restored to proper balance and function.

Given Mathew is a keen traveller he has also practiced around the globe. Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Scotland, Ireland and England being some of the places he has practiced. He also enjoys most sports and keeping fit. From surfing, cycling, gym work and yoga, Mathew understands maintaining physical health is part of the jigsaw of health and when combined with chiropractic care it is an extremely powerful recipe for staying healthy.

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Professionally Matt has practiced in many busy successful practices. One of which was his own in Australia for 6 years until he relocated back to England. He has mastered his skills in various techniques of chiropractic from very gentle to the more traditional methods. His particular areas of expertise lie in the field of chiropractic neurology, sympathetic dominance and wellness care. He looks forward to meeting you and assisting you toward better health and alignment and in turn a better quality of life.

His thoughts: ´Its important to draw out the most of life, as it is just as important to draw out the most of your body! In doing so we must tap into that inborn wisdom that heals, rejuvinates and strives to survive and grow. Far to often the second part is forgotten, so our bodies end up failing well before their expiration date. Doing something to maintain the best awareness is important, thats why I get adjusted regularly and have done so since I was sixteen years of age. If it wasn´t for chiropractic I wouldn´t be a chiropractor!´. – Mathew R Cowburn

Louise Bashall

A Chiropractor for 20 years, Lou brings to her practice a broad range of skills through ongoing post graduate study, most notably in Functional Neurology. and is a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

“I enjoy a continual fascination with Chiropractic care, its positive impact on you and the potential it has for helping you make informed choices, enabling you to take control of your health, both in the short and long term.”

In recent times, Lou has integrated her Chiropractic work with Anatomy in Motion, working from the feet up and utilising her early career in 3D design, to create lasting structural and neurological change in both the feet and body.

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“In a nutshell, your feet form the foundation from which you move; whether you stand, walk, run, jump, cycle or dance. They connect you to the ground, creating a pattern of movement through the rest of the body. As with any foundation, if it is weak and unstable or too rigid and unable to adapt, it will affect all the structures and neurology above. Essentially your body is like human Jenga, if the foundation isn’t right then everything above will be compromised.“

To support you through your Chiropractic care Lou is now working with Wellness & Vitality, to provide functional, structural and neurological grounding from the feet upwards.

Working in Banbury is a return to her early family roots in the Cotswolds; her father was based at Central Flying School in Little Rissington, and her stepfather is a renown retired GP from Stow.

“Working with the team at Wellness & Vitality is an exciting opportunity to be part of a progressive clinic with an excellent health care ethos.”

Briony Geekie

Briony developed an interest in Chiropractic care when she was working as a ski instructor in Lake Louise in Canada where she spent much of her free time on the chiropractors bench! She hung up her skis, went back home and eventually graduated with a Masters in Chiropractic in 2009 from The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic.

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In the last 10 years Briony has been developing her skills in many areas of the Chiropractic world and loves treating people of all ages and physical abilities with particular interest in pregnant women, babies and children, having had regular chiropractic care throughout both her pregnancies Briony recognises the importance of a balanced spine and nervous system at this precious time. Briony is qualified in the Webster Technique and continues to further her knowledge in paediatrics and SOT. Briony is fascinated by the human body and its abilities for adaptation.