Wellness & Vitality Chiropractic Fees

Chiropractic Fees

Initial Consultation, examination and treatment (if Chiropractic care is considered appropriate for you)

Initial ConsultationAdult£80
Subsequent VisitsAdult£40


Onsite at Wellness & Vitality Chiropractic

Full spine £90
Region £50

Pre-payment plans

Standard chiropractic appointments attract a discount for pre-payment. You can choose to purchase either six (10% discount) or twelve (15% discount) sessions in advance.

Six Pre-paid sessions Adult £216
Child £135
Twelve Pre-paid sessions Adult £408
Child £255

Functional Foot Assessment

Onsite at Wellness & Vitality Chiropractic

Initial Consultation (2 Hours) £240
Standard Appointment (1 Hour) £120