Patient Forms

Upon entering our office, our receptionist will welcome you and put you at ease. If you haven’t already downloaded and filled in our New Patient forms, we will request that you complete these. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information on your condition which helps us decide if chiropractic is appropriate and how best we can help you.


Next you will have a consultation with one of our experienced Chiropractors to discuss your concerns, and potential treatment options. This initial visit is designed for your Chiropractor to learn more about you’re your history and your condition. We feel very strongly that open and honest communication is vital to establishing a positive working relationship. We know from experience that you will make better progress if you trust us and feel safe and comfortable. It is important that your expectations are realistic and managed well. We won’t tell you we can help if we don’t think we can but we need to determine how, and if, chiropractic care can meet your goals


After your consultation, and with your consent, your Chiropractor will perform a thorough examination. This includes standard biomechanical, orthopaedic and neurological tests. If you are in extreme pain, don’t be concerned. We won’t put you through any testing that will make you worse. We even have a table that can lie you down and stand you up should you feel this is beyond you.


Depending on your history and the results of our testing, we may suggest X-rays or other diagnostic tests. These will only be recommended if it is deemed that this information will change the approach or management of your condition or if your history suggests underlying changes that we should know about in order to treat you safely and effectively.

Report of Findings

Once we have all the information we require your chiropractor will put it all together and report back to you. They will then answer any questions including:

  1. Can you help me?
  2. How often do I need to come in?
  3. What will my treatment cost?

After reviewing your health history, goals, and examining your spine (and X-rays or other relevant tests), your chiropractor will tell you if they think chiropractic is appropriate and discuss recommendations. We pride ourselves on our integrity and will advise you if your condition may respond better to care from other providers based on what your objectives are and the outcomes you expect.


Once your Chiropractor feels they have enough information they will, with your informed consent, commence treatment. Often this may seem minimal in the first instance as everyone responds differently and the one thing we don’t want to do is too much too soon as you may feel a bit sore. What is important is seeing change and usually we see that before you do but we will try and point it out when we can. We encourage collaboration so welcome feedback on any/all aspects of your treatment There are many different techniques in chiropractic and some are more suitable for certain conditions than others. Generally speaking we try to use low force techniques wherever possible to ensure your comfort, safety and enjoyment.

Wellness Programme

As you progress through treatment your Chiropractor may recommend you consider going onto our Wellness Programme. Once patients see the benefits on their enjoyment of life they very often wish to continue it. You can’t get fit and stay fit if you don’t keep exercising. It is all about repeating healthy habits. The Wellness Programme allows you to do this by giving you preferred time/day appointments and a discount on our standard fee. Every person is unique and therefore everyone requires a customised Wellness Plan but usually it involves check ups once per month (minimum). We understand that whilst a well functioning spine is paramount for your nervous system to work without interference and for you to be healthier, it is only part of the picture. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and learning new things (using your brain) are also key to living a healthier life.